Antvorskov Renewables is a danish based company focusing on reviving sleeping wind projects in Europe. Antvorskov Renewables is founded and owned by strong and innovative investment companies. 

About Us

Owners and operators of sleeping wind projects

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Vacerani - Romania

- 70 MW Wind Project a few km from the Donau. 

- Building permit allowing 35 plots.

- AEP of 295 GWh

- 91 MW nameplate with a 70 MW grid capacity

Our Mission

In close collaboration with the project promoters, Antvorskov Renewables, co-develops the best solution to provide stable and profitable wind projects, defining the projects, identifying relevant financing & technology partners, and facilitate a sound, timely and correct execution of the project.

  • Concept and Project design.
  • Project solutions.
  • Commercial and Technical due diligence.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Technological Review and Maturing.
  • Identification of partners and preparation of partnership agreements.
  • Information memorandums and project descriptions. 
  • Project coordination, Execution and Management.