Antvorskov Renewables

About us

The Antvorskov Renewables Team

Antvorskov Renewables is a Danish-based project development company focusing on reviving sleeping wind projects in Europe. Antvorskov Renewables is founded and owned by strong and innovative investment companies.

Mikaels OÜ

Tatari 25, 10116 Tallinn, Estonia

Family - Owned Investment Company

Commitment, Communication & Empathy!

Creating a world where every business has equal access to reliable Tech & Growth talent

Founded by three very different guys who ultimately share the same passion for building things and getting $h!t done. And the same twisted sense of humour. Oh, and the same frustration: How to find the right people to help you build your next big idea. 

These three serial entrepreneurs became co-founders because of a compatible skillset and a shared pain point. But they are partners because they hold each other accountable, they communicate often and sometimes they don't talk about work, at all.

WNB Projects OÜ

Lootsa tn, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Equity Fund

We dont limit our investments to your region nor industry

WNB Projects is an active private equity and venture capital firm that specializes in investments in early-stage companies with strong management teams and high growth potential. 

  • The maximum Investment Period is 3 - 5 years.
  • No need to own the majority of shares. The management team should be a co-shareholder.
  • Target minimum return of at least 30% per year.

CoGrow IVS

Ingemannsvej 4, 4180 Soroe Denmark

Business Development & Investment

We keep it super simple! 

From a good idea to a good business!

We work after a shared-risk model. We take part of the business we create through ownership and royalty payments.






Translates good ideas to new business models, products & services.

Consists of three solid business partners - who focus on creating a sustainable business.

Utilizes a specialized Lean process, that analyzes the degree of sustainability and from this creates a strong and sustainable business plan.

Has a comprehensive network in and around Denmark, with who we involve whenever the need for specialized knowledge arises. 

Is not a part of a large organization and has, therefore, cut much of the bureaucracy away.

The story behind Antvorskov Renewables

In 1165, Danish king, Valdemar the Great gave land in the old Viking area of Antvorskov to the Order of St. John, and a monastery was established. For the next 500 years, Antvorskov became the owner of vast land and gained major political influence. After the reformation, the Monastery was changed to a royal castle and became the centre of administration in the Kingdom of Denmark till the late 17th century, when the administration was moved to Copenhagen. King Valdemar the second, after his successful battle at Lindanise (current day Tallinn, Estonia), brought Dannebrog, the Danish national flag back to Antvorskov as the new royal standard, after it fell down from heaven ensuring the victory to the Danes. Tallinn, Estonian for the Danish City, is named after the fortifications established by Valdemar the 2nd with support from Antvorskov. Today, the lesser coat of arms of Tallinn depicts the Dannebrog cross. Antvorskov Renewables’ office is placed in the heart of Antvorskov, less than 250m from the ruins of Antvorskov Castle. Our logo depicts the castle tower and the ambition to be a force to reckon with in the quest for making renewable energy truly sustainable one step at a time.