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We are always looking for sleeping wind projects who require revival. Below our project development plan is introduced along with our specific order in which all the steps are taken.

Doing Business With Us

60 Days

180 Days

  1. We search for and find Sleepers.
  2. We sign term sheets with the owners - after the introduction meeting.
  3. We perform Due Diligence of the project: Can we finance it?
  4. We sign Contingent Procurement Agreements with the owner. We re-design site inclusive micro-siting, load calculation, and capacity factor.
  5. We prepare plans for the project development, building and operation.
  6. We renew building permits and required licenses, approval, etc. for connecting to the local grid and produce energy. 
  7. We enter into Energy Service Agreements with energy traders.
  8. We prepare Information Memorandum for financial institutions.
  9. We sign a term sheet for a minimum of 70% financing of the project building cost, i.e. project is Ready-To-Finance. Contingent Procurement Agreement is immediately executed.

Our Project Development Plan

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