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The Vacareni Project - Romania

Proven a feasible renewable project

Our most current project is in the small town of Vacareni, Romania. The Vacareni wind project is a 70 MW wind project a few kilometres from the Donau, with a building permit totalling 35 plots and allowing 3 MW wind turbines. AEP giving 295 GWh per year with 91 MW nameplate and with a 70 MW grid capacity cap.


  • The annual Income Basis (Basis 2022) is EUR 15.000.000.
  • Estimated ready for construction: August 2021
  • The location has easy access through roads on site, substations, and an already set up connection to the grid.
  • All surveys, approvals, and certifications are in place.
  • Building Permits and ATR is under update.
  • Planned commissioning 2022.